These Are The Line Distributions Of All 13 Of TXT’s Songs So Far

Could TXT have the most evenly distributed lines of any K-Pop group?

Since TXT is under BigHit Entertainment, you might think that their producers do well at making sure the five members get about the same number of lines in order to let all of them shine. Since there are only five of them, it should make it easier to evenly distribute the lines to begin with. Check out the graphs below to see if they indeed have an even number of lines, both within each of their 13 songs as well as the total percentage for all of them!

1. “Blue Orangeade”

2. “Crown”

3. “Our Summer”

4. “Cat & Dog”

5. “Nap of a Star”

6. “New Rules”

7. “Run Away”

8. “Roller Coaster”

9. “Poppin’ Star”

10. “Can’t We Just Leave the Monster Alive?”

11. “Magic Island”

12. “20cm”

13. “Angel or Devil”