The Line Distributions Of These 13 Wanna One Songs Will Show Whether Or Not There Was Fairness With Lines

They may no longer be together, but did they get even amounts of lines when they were?

Wanna One has been disbanded for some time (sadly), but they were incredibly successful when they were together. They had 11 talented members that were basically hand-picked to be in the group, so you would think that they would all get an equal amount of lines! Unfortunately, that doesn’t exactly seem to be the case. Check out the line distributions of 13 of their popular songs below, as well as the line percentages that each member had in total for all 13 songs, to see for yourself.

1. “Energetic”

2. “Burn It Up”

3. “Beautiful”

4. “Wanna Be (My Baby)”

5. “Twilight”

6. “I Promise You (I.P.U)”

7. “Boomerang”

8. “I’ll Remember”

9. “Light”

10. “Spring Breeze”

11. “Flowerbomb”

12. “Deeper”

13. “Awake!”


Wanna One