Here Are The Line Distributions For All 14 Of CRAVITY’s Songs, And Just How Fair They Are

Just how even are their lines?

Since CRAVITY‘s debut 5 months ago in April, they have already released two albums, and have a total of 14 songs! With 9 members, it’s undoubtedly tricky to distribute their lines in a way that makes it even for everyone, so just how fair are their lines distributed so far? The following graphs show the percentage of lines each member has in all 14 of CRAVITY’s songs, and a final pie chart shows the total percentage of lines that each member has had through their entire discography so far. Check it out for yourself and see how fair you think their lines are!

1. “Top of the Chain”

2. “Break All the Rules”

3. “Jumper”

4. “Blackout”

5. “Stay”

6. “Cloud 9”

7. “Star”

8. “Flame”

9. “Believer”

10. “Ohh Ahh”

11. “Realize”

12. “Hot Air Balloon”

13. “Sunrise”

14. “Breathing”