These Are The Line Distributions Of All 16 Of Red Velvet’s Main Singles… And Who Gets The Most & Least Lines

With five such talented members, they all deserve equal attention.

There have been a number of other popular K-Pop idol groups that have had their line distributions calculated already, and now it’s Red Velvet‘s turn! Since they only have five members it shouldn’t be too hard to make sure they have an even number of lines, though Yeri did get a late start since she joined the group at a later time. Check out the line distributions for each of their main singles below, as well as the total percentage of lines that each member has had total!

1. “Happiness”

2. “Be Natural”

3. “Automatic”

4. “Ice Cream Cake”

5. “Dumb Dumb”

6. “One of These Nights”

7. “Russian Roulette”

8. “Rookie”

9. “Red Flavor”

10. “Peek-a-Boo”

11. “Bad Boy”

12. “Power Up”

13. “RBB (Really Bad Boy)”

14. “Zimzalabim”

15. “Umpah Umpah”

16. “Psycho”



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