These Are The Line Distributions Of All 17 Of MONSTA X’s Main Singles… And Who Gets The Most & Least Lines

Some of the members definitely get more lines than others…

It seems to be somewhat known knowledge that the line distributions for the members of MONSTA X haven’t always been very fair. While some of it has seemed to get better with time, there are still definitely some members that get more lyrics than others. Which members are they? These graphs will show you! Each song is broken down into a single graph to show the percentage of lines that each member has, and the last graph shows the total lines each member has had in total over their 17 main singles. Check it out below!

1. “Trespass”

2. “Rush”

3. “Hero”

4. “All In”

5. “Stuck”

6. “Fighter”

7. “Beautiful”

8. “Shine Forever”

9. “Newton”

10. “Dramarama”

11. “Jealousy”

12. “Shoot Out”

13. “Alligator”

14. “Play It Cool”

15. “Who Do U Love?”

16. “Someone’s Someone”

17. “Follow” (with Wonho)