These Are The Line Distributions Of All 18 Of 2NE1’s Main Singles… And Who Got The Most & Least Lines

They were all such incredible performers, they deserved equal spotlight!

2NE1‘s members were all known for being individually talented in their own ways, each more than able to rock a stage on their own. The four of them together were nothing short of phenomenal. Because of their talents, they should have gotten equal time in terms of lines, right? The following graphs show the percentage of lines that each member had in their 18 singles during their career, as well as the final graph showing the percentage of each member’s lines in total. Check it out!

1. “Fire”

2. “I Don’t Care”

3. “Try to Follow Me”

4. “Clap Your Hands”

5. “Go Away”

6. “Can’t Nobody”

7. “It Hurts”

8. “Lonely”

9. “I Am the Best”

10. “Hate You”

11. “Ugly”

12. “I Love You”

13. “Falling in Love”

14. “Do You Love Me”

15. “Missing You”

16. “Come Back Home”

17. “Gotta Be You”

18. “Goodbye”