These Are The Line Distributions Of All 21 Of SEVENTEEN’s Main Singles… And Who Gets The Most & Least Lines

Out of 13 members, is there any one member that gets more lines than the rest?

When a group has 13 members, it’s impossible to make sure each member gets the exact same amount of lines. But just how fair are SEVENTEEN‘s line distributions? That’s what this list explores! The graphs were created by finding the line distribution percentages for each member for 21 of SEVENTEEN’s most popular singles, and then the last graph tallies all of each member’s percentages to find the average percentage of lines they get. Look below to see who ended up with the least and the most!

1. “Adore U”

2. “Mansae”

3. “Pretty U”

4. “Very Nice”

5. “Boom Boom”

6. “Healing”

7. “Don’t Wanna Cry”

8. “I’m Wearing A Hat (Without You)”

9. “Clap”

10. “Crazy In Love”

11. “Thanks”

12. “Call Call Call!”

13. “Oh My!”

14. “Our Dawn is Hotter Than Day”

15. “Getting Closer”

16. “Home”

17. “Happy Ending”

18. “Hit”

19. “Fear”

20. “Snap Shoot”

21. “Fallin’ Flower”