These Are The Line Distributions of ATEEZ’s 16 Most Popular Singles… Showing Who Gets The Most And Least Lines

Do all the monster rookies get the same amount of attention?

Any group that has more than 6 or 7 members is likely to have a rather uneven line distribution, with some members certainly getting more lines than others. This is generally just due to some members having skills that are more suitable to certain songs, but other times the distribution can seem unfair. Does ATEEZ fit this sort of tendency with their 8 members? Check out the line distributions of 16 of their most popular songs below, as well as each member’s total line percentage in all of them.

1. “Pirate King”

2. “Treasure”

3. “Twilight”


5. “Say My Name”

6. “Promise”

7. “Utopia”

8. “Illusion”

9. “Wave”

10. “Aurora”

11. “Dancing Like Butterfly Wings”

12. “Wonderland”

13. “Dazzling Light”

14. “WIN”

15. “Answer”

16. “Horizon”