BTS: Benefits, Side Effects, And The Warning Labels They NEED

Here is a list of warning labels BTS should come with but don’t.

Welcome. First time with BTS? Before you dive in, you should be fully informed about the risks and benefits involved. If you’re already an ARMY, it’s too late for you. Sorry.


1. BTS’s success

Benefits: Will inspire you to chase your dreams.

Side Effects: May cause an existential crisis.

2. BTS’s fashion sense

Benefits: May inspire you to experiment with new styles.

Side Effects: May shatter fragile masculinity.

3. BTS Merch

Benefits: Instant happiness, proven conversation starters.

Side Effects: May drain your bank account at the speed of light and take up all the space you don’t have.

4. BTS Ticket Sales

Benefits: May result in tickets to see a BTS concert.

Side Effects: Dangerously high stress levels, insomnia, nightmares about Ticketmaster, PTSD flashbacks about previous ticket sale days, complete loss of sanity. Seek medical attention immediately.

5. Run BTS!

Benefits: Its chaotic energy will improve your mood.

Side Effects: May cause you to procrastinate and/or laugh out loud in public.

6. BTS’s members

Benefits: Will make you fall head over heels in love.

Side Effects: May ruin all other men for you, forever.

7. BTS’s music

Benefits: Will inspire you, lift your spirits, and change your life for the better.

Side effects: None.