Here Are Each Members Favorite BTS Tracks As Seen On Spotify

Here are their favorite songs!

With over 200 million users on Spotify and its global launching in 79 countries, it’s interesting to see that it still isn’t available in Korea. Even though Spotify carries a ton of the latest K-Pop music, they have yet to enter the Korean market. Fortunately, it was revealed that it would officially launch in Korea sometime this year.

By allowing Spotify to be used in Korea, it could help in introducing more Korean music to foreign music listeners.

BTS, who recently released their newest album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, have updated their playlists on Spotify to reveal each of the members’ favorite tracks.

Jungkook‘s playlist reveals just how much he loves ARMY as he includes Euphoria and Magic Shop into the mix.

Jin included tracks that have a special place in fans hearts such as Spring Day and Epiphany.

Jimin‘s playlist includes many tear-jerkers such as Young Forever, WEB: The Eternal, and 2!3!

Suga being the rapper he is, includes UGH! and Interlude: Shadow.

RM revealed in a recent live stream that Zero O’Clock was his favorite song on the album and that still rings true by the looks of his playlist!

J-Hope includes tracks such as Rain and Just Dance for a nice mix of sounds.

V‘s playlist is perfect for an emotional day with The Truth Untold and Mikrokosmos.

What are your favorite tracks from BTS?