12 Live K-Pop Remixes You Definitely Need In Your Life

Fans have fallen in love and so will you.

Sometimes K-Pop idols like to change things up during their live stages and will perform a never before heard version of their most popular songs. These remixes have gained a ton of love over the years and some have even been officially released for fans to listen to over and over again! While there are plenty more fantastic live remixes out there, here are some fan favorites that you will surely fall in love with if you haven’t already!


1. EXO “Power”

Performing this particular remix on two different occasions, one during their ElyXiOn tour in Seoul and the other during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics fans absolutely adore this version and are greatly saddened that it’s the only remix missing from the “Power” remix album!


2. SEVENTEEN musical version of “Pretty U”

Carats have often said this particular version of “Pretty U” has a certain Broadway musical feel to it. The adorable remix performed during the group’s Diamond Edge Tour In Seoul has just the right balance of old and new to keep fans coming back for more!


3. Girls’ Generation jazzy “Genie” mix

In 2015 at MBC Music Festival, Girls’ Generation took their already amazing “Genie” and add a hint of jazz to create a song with a completely different feeling! The smooth jazz performance quickly became a favorite among fans and Sones have even said they wished the girls would have made a jazz version of all their songs it’s that good!


4. Wonder Girls and 2PM’s tango-y “Nobody” remix

At the 2008 Mnet KM Music Awards, 2PM teamed up with the Wonder Girls and got their ballroom mojo going when they performed the disco version of “Nobody”. It’s a performance that nobody can forget once they’ve seen it!


5. Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” drum version

ELFs have long held that any variations of “Sorry Sorry” is amazing and it is! But this version where a wild Heechul suddenly appears rocking out on the drums is an absolute blessing.


6. BTS’s “Hip Hop Lover” live

BTS love to switch things up whether their performing live or not and this particular switch to live instrumentation is a favorite among ARMYs. The guitar leading backing just adds a little something special especially to Suga‘s verse.


7. BIGBANG’s rockin’ “Fantastic Baby” remix

BIGBANG pulled out this electrifying version of “Fantastic Baby” during their 2015 MADE tour. Even those rare few people who aren’t overly fond of the iconic song have said this particular version suits their taste.


8. TWICE’s acoustic “What Is Love”

What could be better than TWICE singing “What Is Love”? Well, some ONCEs are convinced it’s hearing them perform the acoustic version of the song! And it is undeniably great hearing perfect harmonizations!


9. EXID’s “L.I.E” remix

Performed at 2016 Gayo Daejun, EXID proved they are pure fire onstage with their unique and bopping version of “L.I.E”. There’s no way someone couldn’t fall for this remix!


10. Girl’s Day and Ailee’s “Something” mashup

This undeniably snappy and jazzy version of “Something” performed at MAMA 2014, really showcased the girls’ vocals. Many fans have also said that this particular stage truly enhanced the song for them.


11. 2NE1’s rocked out “I Don’t Care” mix

2NE1 plus electric guitar? Yes, please! Performed during their All Or Nothing tour in Japan, this headbanging track will definitely be going on repeat once you give it a listen.


12. TWICE’s “Greatest Showman” performance

TWICE did it once again at 2018 MAMA! Since their music video for “What Is Love” already had a whole bunch of great movie moments in it, the group decided to add a bit more movie magic by adding a bit of “The Greatest Showman” flair.