10+ “Long Hair Jimin” BTS Memes That Are Way Too Accurate

From lookalikes to hair ads…

BTS‘s Jimin recently shared photos of his backstage hair transformation. Now, fans are getting creative with it! From lookalikes to hair ads, here are 10+ memes!

1. The content we didn’t know we needed

2. Pantene, come collect your hair model!


3. “LALISA,” let’s go!

4. Twilight, the BTS remake

5. Meet Steve Aoki’s little brother

6. *Soft sobs*

7. Tune in next week for…

8. Min Yoonji is shaking

9. The Saweetie and Doja Cat cover we need ASAP

10. The Spirited Away live-action movie is looking good!

11. No translation app needed

12. *This model is not included with purchase

13. Dora wishes she was this cool.