Long-Time K-Pop Fans Reveal What’s Harder To Join—Video Fan Signs Or In-Person Fan Signs

What’s your guess?

Video fan signs are one of the few ways fans can meet their idols during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it may seem more accessible than typical in-person fan meetings, it’s not automatically the best choice.

Woobin and Sehwa, two SEVENTEEN fans who have been with the group for over half a decade, revealed the inner workings of fan signs in an episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders” series.

One comment they encountered was, “What’s more difficult to get picked for between a video fan signing and a real one?”

Surprisingly, the answer is the former!

Video fan signs are so accessible that more people try their luck. According to Woobin, the biggest advantage it boasts is its low overall cost.

If you were to go to a real fan sign event, it would cost money to apply, to travel, and to rent a camera if you want. There are extra costs like these, so I think a lot of people can’t apply at all. But you can do a video fan signing event in your room with your phone.

— Woobin

Another perk is having the opportunity to talk to your bias for a good amount of time: “You get 7-8 minutes on your own, so many people who live in the countryside apply too“.

Sehwa concluded by reiterating the difference in prices between the two, which explains why video fan signs are more appealing to many people.

I think the definition of a ‘fan signing event cut’ depends on the proportion of the money. There are more people who apply for a video fan signing event, but the real fan signing event costs more.

— Sehwa

Learn more about K-Pop fan signs in the full video below.

Source: AYO