Look Out For These 7 Produce 48 Runners Up Debuting In 2020

The contestants you were rooting for are almost ready to take the stage.

Ever wondered what happened to the runners up from Produce 48 who stole your heart then disappeared off the face of the K-Pop world? Thankfully, many of them are expected to make debuts soon. Here are 7 former Produce 48 contestants too look out for on the rookie scene this year.

1. Han Chowon (Rank #13)

Cube Entertainment’s Han Chowon was the highest-ranking runner up on Produce 48, missing the final cut for IZ*ONE by just 8,000 votes. Despite entering the company as an actress, she proved her skills as an idol on the show.

Back in January this year, SPOTV shared Cube Entertainment’s plans for 2020—including a new girl group with Chowon. Lee Joohyeon, a participant on KBS’s The UNIT and Dancing High, will also be joining the group.

2. Kim Nayoung (Rank #21

Kim Nayoung from Banana Culture ranked #21 on Produce 48, training for 1 year and 7 months before joining the show. After leaving the competition, she returned to her company to continue training.

Nayoung is expected to debut as the main vocalist and visual in Banana Culture’s new girl group, currently known as Banana Newkid. The group’s debut date is currently unknown, but many are expecting it to be this year, since the company currently has no active girl group.

Until then, Banana Culture is keeping the Banana Newkid YouTube channel updated with videos of the members’ talents.

3. Na Goeun (Rank #29)

Ranking #29 in the competition, Na Goeun from RBW is also expected to make a debut soon. As of right now, fans believe she’ll be the group’s main vocalist and part of the dance line.

Goeun also auditioned for JTBC’s MIXNINE, but she didn’t make it into the lineup. She did, however, manage to score an OST on the show Possessed last year.

Until she debuts, RBW will be keeping the 365 Practice channel on YouTube updated with videos of her covers.

4. Park Jieun (Rank #80)

Alongside Goeun is fellow RBW trainee Park Jieun, who ranked #80 on the Produce 48 series. Jieun is a long-time trainee and has been under RBW for around 6 years.

Jieun is expected to be a lead vocalist and rapper in the new RBW girl group, as well as a possible visual. There’s no official debut date for the group as of right now, but since it’s been 6 years since RBW’s current girl group MAMAMOO debuted, it’s likely that the new group will be coming soon.

Jieun’s predebut videos are also available to watch on RBW’s trainee channel.

5. Son Eunchae (Rank #32)

ISE, which stands for Innocent Sexy Eyes, is an upcoming girl group under A Team Entertainment. The leader of the group is set to be Son Eunchae, who ranked #32 on Produce 48.

Eunchae transitioned from Million Market to A Team Entertainment after leaving the show. She’s expected to be in the group’s dance and vocal lines.

6. Kim Choyeon (Rank #50)

With skills in dance, vocals, and rap, Produce 48’s rank #50 contestant Kim Choyeon will also be a member of ISE.

Before joining the company, she trained under MNH Entertainment. She studied dance for 7 years, so it’s likely she’ll be a main or lead dancer in the group. While ISE’s debut date is yet to be confirmed, the company has uploaded several photos of the members recently, indicating that their debut is imminent.

7. Lee Seunghyun (Rank #73)

WM Entertainment sent several trainees to Produce 48. One was IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon, and another was Lee Seunghyun, who ranked #73. Seunghyun is now set to debut in the company’s new girl group, Dream Tree (also known as Ggumnamu).

Seunghyun’s possible position in the group is currently unknown. She’s fluent in Japanese, which means she’ll likely take a lead role if the group promotes in Japan.