A Look Back At K-Pop’s “Pandemic Songs”—12 Songs That Got Us Through 2020

K-Pop helped us heal even in hard times.

The COVID-19 pandemic was rough and still is. Everyone is tired of being at home, wearing masks, and not being able to do fun things.

Music has always been a way to cheer people up, describe how they’re feeling, and even be history for the people of the future to find and see how we felt. K-Pop is no exception, and these 12 songs certainly made the pandemic at least a little better!

1. Day6’s “Zombie”

Released several months into the pandemic (May 2020), Day6 perfectly encapsulated the depressing feeling of being alive but not being able to do anything that makes you feel alive.

2. MAMAMOO’s “Dingga”

Released in October of 2020, MAMAMOO sends us on a rollercoaster with their peppy retro beat but lyrics describing how much they want to go out with their friends but can’t.

3. fromis_9’s “WE GO”

Although this was released in May of 2021, there are still many restrictions due to the pandemic. The girls bring us a cheery song imagining all of the nice vacations they could have but have to stay at home.

4. Super Junior’s “House Party”

Released in March of 2021, Super Junior reminded the world that the fight against COVID-19 wasn’t over and that we still needed to be careful, stay home, and wear masks. As informative as the words are, it’s an absolute bop.

5. TXT’s “We Lost the Summer”

Released in the Fall of 2020, TXT makes the perfect relatable pandemic song by lamenting the lost time they could have been having fun and making memories in the Summer.

6. BTS’s “Life Goes On”

BTS created many pandemic songs to power us through, but none hit as hard as “Life Goes On” from November of 2020. They accept that things are awful right now and that they’re depressed but remind themselves that life goes on and things will get better.

7. SEVENTEEN’s “Hitorijanai”

Although it’s a Japanese release from April 2021, SEVENTEEN reminded us that we’re never alone no matter what is happening or how we’re feeling.

8. TREASURE’s “My Treasure”

Released in January, TREASURE brought us a beautifully colorful music video to motivate us to keep going no matter what. They ask you to smile and to treasure yourself even in difficult times.

9. SuperM’s “Better Days”

This soft English track released in October of 2020 reminds us that even though things are terrible now, there will always be better days ahead.

10. Crush’s “Mayday” ft. Red Velvet’s Joy

Crush quickly put out his pandemic song in May of 2020, and it’s hilariously relatable. The song describes how all of us went stir crazy in our homes but shows it in a fun homemade video style.

11. Golden Child’s “Burn It”

Golden Child nailed the concept as they sang about being there for you in hard times but depicting the pandemic in a unique way, zombies! Released in January of 2021, it strengthened us to keep moving forward.

12. EPEX’s “Lock Down”

As their debut song in June of 2021, EPEX made a statement with strong dance moves and rough raps showing their frustration with the pandemic.