A Look At How Fair NCT Dream’s Line Distribution Has Been Throughout Their Discography

Even with member breaks and changes, the line distribution is quite interesting…

NCT Dream is made up of 6 (and previously 7) very talented members, some of whom are stronger vocalists and others who are stronger dancers. Their line distributions seem to reflect this somewhat, given who ends up having more lines overall! They also had a member, Jaemin, who had to take some time off for a while, and of course Mark, who is no longer active with the group, so both of these throw off the overall distribution somewhat. Nevertheless, check out the line distributions below both of 16 of their more popular songs, as well as the total line distribution of each member for all of them!

1. “Chewing Gum”

2. “My First and Last”

3. “Dunk Shot”

4. “We Young”

5. “La La Love”

6. “Walk You Home”

7. “My Page”

8. “Trigger the Fever”

9. “Joy”

10. “We Go Up”

11. “Drippin'”

12. “Candle Light”

13. “Fireflies”

14. “Boom”

15. “Ridin'”

16. “Quiet Down”