How To Look Good While Traveling: Dress Like Nayeon (10+ Photos)

Here’s your guide to looking fab like TWICE’s Nayeon!

1.  Ready for the plane in a chic tartan mini.

2.  Blending into the crowd in style with this jeans-sweater-cap combo.

3. Effortlessly happy in this throw-over green jacket and simple black pleated skirt.

4. So casual in this dress, she hasn’t even put her canvas shoes on her feet properly! Talk about comfort and style.

5. On the move in a stylish striped jacket and light blue jeans. That handbag is totally on point.

6. She looks fresh and ready for the day in these figure-flattering denim overalls.

7. Livening it up with some tone variation and a cute mix and match jacket.

8. How cute is this trenchcoat-turned-dress ensemble?

9. Feeling sub-par on energy? Look sleepy yet chic in this oversized sweater + glasses outfit!

10. Look playfully cute in this bushy green overcoat paired perfectly with a beige turtleneck!

11. Never fear to pop in a focal color… how about autumn orange?