A Look At How (Un)Fair ASTROs’ Line Distribution Is Throughout Their Discography

One member has more total lines than two of the others combined…

ASTRO is made up of 6 talented vocalists, but do their line distributions show it? Below is a list of 14 popular songs from the group and the percentage of lines that each member has per song. The last graph then shows the total percentage that each member has from all of the songs combined. Check them out to see just how fair (or unfair) ASTRO’s line distribution is!

1. “Hide & Seek”

2. “Breathless”

3. “Confession”

4. “Again”

5. “Baby”

6. “Crazy Sexy Cool”

7. “Always You”

8. “All Night”

9. “Blue Flame”

10. “One & Only”

11. “Knock”

12. “Innocent Love”

13. “Cat’s Eye”

14. “By Your Side”