A Look At How (Un)Fair PENTAGON’s Line Distribution Is Over Their 15 Main Singles

The member with the most lines has almost as many as 4 of the others combined.

PENTAGON is a 9 member group now, originally with 10 members, and with so many people in one musical group, it’s not unusual for some members to get more lines than others. But just how uneven have PENTAGON’s line distributions been? Here’s a look at the percentage of lines that each member has had in their 15 main singles, as well as the percentage that each member has had over all the main singles combined.

1. “Gorilla”

2. “Can You Feel It”

3. “Pretty Pretty”

4. “Beautiful”

5. “Critical Beauty”

6. “To Universe”

7. “When I Was in Love”

8. “Like This”

9. “Runaway”

10. “Violet”

11. “Shine”

12. “Naughty Boy”

13. “Sha La La”

14. “Humph!”

15. “Dr. Bebe”