This Is A Look At How Ridiculously Unfair SISTAR’s Line Distribution Was Over Their 12 Main Singles

Everyone knows that SISTAR’s line distribution was uneven, but just how unbalanced was it?

It’s not an unknown fact that SISTAR‘s line distributions in their songs were uneven, with many of the vocals being given to Hyolyn due to her incredible voice. But the other members of SISTAR were talented too! Did they ever get the recognition and lines that they deserved? Here’s a look at the line distributions for 12 of the group’s main singles to show just how uneven they were, as well as the total line percentage that each member had in total.

1. “Push Push”

2. “Shady Girl”

3. “How Dare You”

4. “So Cool”

5. “Alone”

6. “Loving U”

7. “Give It To Me”

8. “Touch My Body”

9. “I Swear”

10. “Shake It”

11. “I Like That”

12. “Lonely”