Looking Back At 10 Of 2NE1’s Most Unforgettable Stage Performances

It has been 10 years since we first saw this fierce girl group!

This year marks 10 years since 2NE1 first make their phenomenal debut with “Fire”. All four members have released special messages to BLACKJACKs, thanking them for their eternal support and loyalty, showing that this girl group will forever be legends.

Looking back, it is clear that 2NE1 is still one of the most groundbreaking girl groups that have ever debuted in K-Pop.

The four members contributed enough talent, charisma and stage presence for 2NE1 to be forever remembered as iconic.

2NE1 has always known how to work a stage, even from their debut ten years ago! They were the ones who invented the term “monster rookies” for their sensational talent that made them seem like they were already veterans in 2009.

It is impossible to talk about all the impressive performances 2NE1 has put up. But to mark their ten years anniversary, ten of their stage performances have been selected.

1. Fire (2009 Performance)

Believe it or not, this was one of 2NE1’s first live performances! You wouldn’t know it at first, because 2NE1 were performing with such vigour and energy as soon as they debuted.

This stage performance is a great showcase of each of the four members: Minzy‘s dancing prowess, Bom‘s emotive vocals, Dara‘s excitement and energy and CL‘s confidence and performance charisma.

But most importantly, you could see how much fun the members were having on stage and the crowd was going wild for them!

2. I Don’t Care (2009 Performance)

“I Don’t Care” was the second song 2NE1 released and showed a different side to their image. It showed their emotional strength and independence as the song was about telling a cheating ex to leave them alone.

This is arguably one of their most famous songs in South Korea. Here, each of the girls are so lively and energetic, perfectly capturing the carefree and sassy nature of the song.

3. Go Away (2010 Performance)

Although this video features a heck of a lot of backup dancers, the four members shine thanks to their stage presence and performing.

They perfectly capture the frustration and sadness of a woman after a breakup. The shining moment is CL’s rap and her sassy interaction with one of the breakup dancers.

4. Ugly (2010 Performance)

One of 2NE1’s rawest songs, the performance starts out slow with CL and Minzy masked. But slowly the song crescendos to Bom’s part and then to CL’s lines in the chorus.

The emotive power of the members as they lay out their insecurities. Their live singing really enforces the raw emotion of the message this song portrays.

5. I Am The Best (2011 MAMA Performance)

It is especially fitting that 2NE1 won “Song of the Year” at MAMA 2011, soon after they made this iconic performance.

At the end of one of 2NE1’s most successful years, each of the members showcased at MAMA 2011 the performance and singing talents that they have been so well known for.

This performance was so powerful that you can even spot Super Junior and Girls’ Generation jamming along!

6. Falling in Love (2013 Performance)

When CL says “2NE1 where my ladies at?” you know that you’re in for a spectacular performance.

2NE1 showed a different side with “Falling in Love”, demonstrating a more sensual and fun-spirited image. But the girls did incredibly well, carrying every dance move of the choreography with liveliness and energy.

7. If I Were You (2014 Performance)

If there’s something 2NE1 never does, it’s lip-synching. 2NE1 consistently delivered live vocals and they completely killed it!

One of their best known vocal performances was this rendition of “If I Were You”. Despite remaining seated in the video, their raw power and performance chops shine through as they connect the audience with the emotional distraught that this song conveys.

CL actually wrote this song about her own personal experiences and you can see how much the song means to her with the raw power and passion that her voice displays. Bom and Minzy perfectly match CL with their emotive vocal tones and Dara complements the other members with her soothing and soft tone.

8. Crush (2014 Performance)

“Crush” is one of the best girl-crush songs from K-Pop and this performance enforces that.

2NE1’s powerful dance moves demonstrates their confidence and swagger while they are on stage. You can see how wild the whole audience is for 2NE1’s power and charisma!

Every member shines here, but Bom definitely deserves her shoutout for her powerful and sassy vocals during her lines.

9. MTBD (2014 CL Solo Performance)

Fans will never grow tired of seeing CL on stage. And this video can serve as a reason by itself.

CL carries the entire stage by herself, but she does it with powerful rapping, sensual dancing and pure confidence.

CL has never been lazy with a performance and this is just one example of her one-of-a-kind talent as a legendary artist.

10. Fire and I Am The Best (2015 MAMA Performance)

What perfect way to round out this list than this legendary performance at 2015 MAMA’s. Coming off from Bom’s scandal, Minzy and Dara’s inactivity and CL’s busy preparation for her American debut, BLACKJACKs were uncertain of the group’s future.

But then, all four members made a completely unexpected appearance at 2015 MAMAs and showed exactly why they are a group that will be unforgettable and unmatchable.

Every single fandom was overcome with joy and excitement when they saw 2NE1! And many fancams from 2015 MAMA’s show groups like BTSiKON and Red Velvet in awe of 2NE1’s performance.

Sadly, that was their last full group performance to date. But thankfully, the girls are all on good terms with each other, with Dara even featuring on Bom’s solo song “Spring”.

Hopefully it won’t be long until we see these four on stage together again.