Meet All The Contestants On JYP & P NATION’s New Survival Show, “LOUD”

The age gap between the youngest and oldest contestants is crazy.

With JYP Entertainment and P-NATION‘s new survival audition showLOUD, set to premiere on June 5, SBS has finally announced all the contestants set who will take the stage. Here are the boys who will be battling it out in singing, dancing, songwriting, and more to win a spot one of two boy groups headed by J. Y. Park and PSY.

1. Na Yoonseo

At just 12 years old (Korean age), Na Yunseo is the youngest contestant in the competition.

2. Hong Yeonsung

13-year-old Hong Yeonseong showed off his split charms in a hoodie versus a shirt.

3. Koki

12-year-old Koki gave viewers a taste of his groovy moves.

4. Maden Moon

This isn’t 13-year-old Maden Moon’s first time on television. He also appeared on 2PM Show and T-ARA‘s series of Hello Baby.

5. Kim Donghyun

14-year-old Kim Donghyeon looks simply adorable in that red tasseled jacket.

6. Lee Donghyun

Despite his age, 15-year-old Lee Donghyeon gave off a cool and nonchalant energy we all wish we had.

7. Song Sihyun

Looks like 15-year-old Song Sihyeon is already the master of mirror selfies.

8. Kim Jungmin

With his boombox in tow, 15-year-old Kim Jeongmin is giving us the coolest retro vibes.

9. Yang Seungsoo

Viewers on social media are already living for 15-year-old Yang Seungsu’s sassy energy.

10. Kang Gimook

15-year-old Kang Gimuk’s moves look like they’re straight from a martial arts routine.

11. Riku

Believed to be Japanese, 15-year-old Riku shares his name with another JYP Entertainment artist—NiziU‘s Riku.

12. Moon Hyukjoon

With those flexible and fluid moves, 16-year-old Moon Hyukjoon is sure to be a great dancer.

13. Justin Kim

16-year-old Justin Kim is already attracting tons of support on social media from viewers who want to protect him.

14. K-Joo

In his clip, 16-year-old K-Joo took “dropping the mic” one step further.

15. Kim Hyunjoon

16-year-old Kim Hyunjoon mesmerized with his speedy and dexterous hand moves.

16. Oh Sungjoon

Somehow, 17-year-old Oh Sungjoon made that everyday chair look like a prince’s throne.

17. Lin

17-year-old Lin didn’t need to fix his hair in the mirror; his look is already on point.

18. Do Mingyu

17-year-old Do Mingyu just tore up those notes the way we’ve all wanted to tear up our homework.

19. Amaru

Colorful 17-year-old Amaru has a smile that no teen could resist.

20. Kim Sungmin

Yup, 17-year-old Kim Sungmin has his vote-for-me facial expressions down perfectly.

21. Lee Taewoo

With that energy, if 17-year-old Lee Taewoo told us he was the boss of this place, we’d definitely believe him.

22. Lee Mingyu

No K-Pop fan can resist spectacles, and it seems 18-year-old Lee Mingyu knows all about that.

23. Daniel Jikal

18-year-old underground rapper Daniel Jikal is already a fan favorite and the show hasn’t even started yet.

24. Jung Soomin

18-year-old Jung Soomin’s moves are giving old-school realness.

25. Jeon Gyumin

Those pops and locks show 18-year-old Jeon Gyumin will be a force to be reckoned with on the LOUD dance stage.

26. Lee Gyehun

18-year-old has been a known JYP Entertainment trainee for quite some time now, so fans of the company are ecstatic to see him finally getting a chance to debut.

27. Chun Joonhyuk

Something about 18-year-old Chun Joonhyuk screams rapper vibes, so look out for him when it comes to showing off rap skills.

28. Kwon Yooseop

Even if 18-year-old Kwon Yooseop doesn’t make it through the competition, he could certainly make it as a streetwear model with that swag.

29. Kim Segon

18-year-old Kim Segon was not playing around with that cool transition.

30. Yoon Hwan

18-year-old Yoon Hwan’s schoolboy outfit says teacher’s pet, but his vibe says cool guy no teacher could control.

31. Eun Hwi

A master of the camera, you can just tell 18-year-old Eun Hwi would have great ending fairy shots.

32. Haruto

Another Japanese contestant, 18-year-old Haruto performed the lead role in Billy Elliot the Musical as a young child.

33. Lee Yedam

We did not expect 19-year-old Lee Yedam to pull off those tricks with his hat—let’s see if he continues to surprise us on LOUD.

34. Kim Joosung

We can’t wait to see 19-year-old Kim Joosung’s fierce confidence shine on stage just like it did here.

35. Lee Sangwoon

In his spectacles and sweater, 19-year-old Lee Sangwoon has the cutest boy next door energy.

36. Kim Youngseok

You may already know him from MBC‘s Under Nineteen, where he placed 17th in the vocal team overall.

37. Kang Hayoon

With an unwavering smile like that, 19-year-old Kang Hayoon is sure to charm the judges.

38. Im Kyungmoon

19-year-old Im Kyungmoon is already going viral on Twitter for looking like the love child of Stray KidsChangbin and Han.

39. Park Yonggeon

19-year-old Park Yonggeon is another contestant who looks like he’d ace any ending fairy shot.

40. Choi Jaeheum

With those selfie skills, 19-year-old Choi Jaeheum needs his own Instagram account stat.

41. Jang Hyunsoo

19-year-old Jang Hyunsoo’s seamless transition from one hoodie to another proves his synchronization must be perfect.

42. Ahn Jaeho

19-year-old Ahn Jaeho almost got us with that shy tentativeness in the beginning, but he’s oozing confidence.

43. Yoon Dongyeon

19-year-old Yoon Dongyeon is full of trendy dance moves that are sure to impress.

44. Jung Taejin

Charisma flows through 19-year-old Jung Taejin like electricity and you can see it in his sharp yet fluid dancing.

45. Kim Minsung

Don’t be fooled—19-year-old Kim Minsung’s energy is anything but timid.

46. Lee Taegeon

From sweet boy next door energy to edgy bad boy energy, 19-year-old Lee Taegeon’s duality will give you whiplash.

47. Jang Heewon

19-year-old Jang Heewon is another trainee who’s already known to some, so don’t be surprised if you see him garnering lots of support.

48. Kim Taesung

From the kick to the flip, 19-year-old Kim Taesung’s acrobatics would own any stage.

49. Edward Park

Looks like 20-year-old Edward Park already has the makings of a rock star.

50. Ellery Hyun Bae

How could someone with this much confident energy have such cute aegyo? Only 20-year-old Ellery Hyun Bae can answer that question.

51. Park Hanbin

Is it an angel? No, but close—it’s 20-year-old Park Hanbin.

52. Lee Gangjoon

With spins like that, we wouldn’t be surprised if 20-year-old Lee Gangjoon took a few ballet lessons in his time.

53. Nam Yoonseung

The elegance and grace in 20-year-old Nam Yoonseung’s fluid moves is just awesome.

54. Kim Minseo

20-year-old Kim Minseo already won hearts on Produce X 101—now he’s back to steal them again.

55. Tsubasa

20-year-old Tsubasa’s outfit choice is a little quirky, but with that energy, he pulls it off perfectly.

56. Woo Kyungjoon

20-year-old Woo Kyungjoon is currently attracting a lot of attention on Twitter for his impressive visuals.

57. Choi Taehoon

20-year-old Choi Taehoon had us from the moment he put on that handsome beret.

58. Park Hyunmin

20-year-old Park Hyunmin is definitely going to impress the judges with those breakdancing moves.

59. Gwak Chan

You can just tell 21-year-old Gwak Chan is the kind of guy who’d kill it freestyle on the dance floor.

60. Kim Doyoung

If 21-year-old Kim Doyoung’s body rolls don’t impress you, we don’t know what will.

61. Shin Haein

If JYP Entertainment ever wants to debut another band, 21-year-old Shin Haein could be a shoo-in.

62. Song Joonhyuk

Looks like 21-year-old Song Joonhyuk’s specs may not just be for show, which makes him all the more charming.

63. Lee Soojae

The way 21-year-old Lee Soojae jumps and leaps with precision hints that he may have some professional dance training in his background.

64. Ham Mohyeop

21-year-old Ham Mohyeop is another contestant Twitter fans are determined to protect from any negativity that comes his way.

65. Choi Soowoong

That flip from 21-year-old Choi Soowoung was partly surprising, but mostly incredible.

66. Kim Myeonggyu

Yet another contestant with a penchant for flips, 21-year-old Kim Myeonggyu will probably own the dance floor.

67. Kim Hyunsoo

Another shoutout for an awesome transition has to go to 21-year-old Kim Hyunsoo.

68. Kang Hyunwoo

22-year-old Kang Hyunwoo’s confetti trick shows he was born to perform on music show stages.

69. Kim Minhyuk

22-year-old Kim Minhyuk says backwards caps are in again, and with that attitude, who are we to say no?

70. Tatsunari

22-year-old Tatsunari joins the league of talented Japanese contestants on LOUD.

71. Jo Doohyun

Many were shocked to see that Jo Doohyun is one of the oldest contestants at 22 years old because his youthful look says otherwise.

72. Lee Seunghwan

If you think 22-year-old Lee Seunghwan looks confused in the first few seconds of his clip, just wait and see how shocked you’ll be at his cool guy transformation.

73. Kim Daehwi

With or without the specs, 22-year-old Kim Daehwi is undeniably handsome.

74. Jo Minki

22-year-old Jo Minki is a well-known member of New Zealand-base K-Hip Hop dance crew INEFFA CREW.

75. Yoon Min

Last but not least, 20-year-old Yoon Min is here to charm with his unique blue hair and edgy styling.