13 Tweet Reactions To K-Drama “Love Alarm” Season 2 That Help Make It Worth The Wait

Netflix, snacks, and Twitter. We’re ready to binge-watch.

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After two long and excruciating years, Netflix‘s K-Drama Love Alarm has returned with Season 2! While we’re all excited to finally have answers following Season 1’s cliffhanger ending, viewers have mixed reactions overall about the new season. Was it worth the wait? That’s debatable.

Here are 13 of the best tweet reactions to Love Alarm Season 2 that are sure to help make it all a little more worth the wait.

1. We’re beyond ready and prepared for a binge

2. Can both male leads have a happy ending? Please?

3. Rejection is the worst, especially like this

4. Why can’t all K-Drama male leads be this nice?

5. Check on your friends

6. The wait was not worth it for everyone

7. Every K-Pop stan ever

8. *cries in forever alone*

9. Some of us watch for the plot

10. While others watch for the other plot

11. Anytime there’s a love triangle…

12. We’re not just here for the actors’ visuals

13.  Watch your step!

Source: IMDB and Viki