If You Love BTS’s “Badass” Concept, Here Are 7 Variations They Slayed Throughout The Years

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That rebellious, “badass” concept is an undyingly popular one in K-Pop — and at one point or another, boy groups go through the “can’t-touch-this” phase. BTS too have been slaying this concept for years. In fact, they’ve done enough to create a collection. Here are 7 different variations BTS have tried; all of which are our favorites.

1. The Teen Delinquents

In their “Boy In Luv” era, BTS rocked this teen-delinquents concept.

And as beloved as the “school-boys-gone-bad” concept is, ARMYs adored the boys lookin’ like hot messes in school uniforms.

2. The Young Troublemakers

For “War of Hormone”, BTS became the town troublemakers.

The whole “we don’t go home, we party all day” aesthetic had ARMYS going wild. Where, oh where, is the invite to that party?

3. The Risky Runaways

In the glorious “RUN” era, BTS embraced the title of the song…

… and really pulled off the risky runaways look. They 200% aced the “YOLO” vibe — and ARMYs have been hopelessly in love with this dangerous, on-the-edge BTS.

4. The Kings of The Block

For “Fire”, BTS upped their badass game and owned the concept in a whole new way.

Definitely more seasoned than the rowdy school boys in “Boy In Luv”, the “Fire” rebels looked more like they run the block.

5. The Rich & Fearless

In their “Blood Sweat & Tears” era, BTS took the whole idea and re-defined it…

… so no one else could possibly be as badass as they are. They looked rich. They looked fearless. They looked like they run more than the block; Oh, they run the town.

6. The Strongest Clan

And ARMYs might say, “MIC DROP” is the pinnacle of BTS’s badass-ness.

By this point, the cute “teen delinquents” are no more. Every move they make screams, “Don’t mess with us!” And we are ALL. FOR. THAT. F*CK-OFF. VIBE.

7. The Warriors

For “ON”, BTS exuded that “we’ve seen hell and came back from it” energy…

… and really, what could possibly surpass that badass level? Especially when they’re singing things like “Bring the pain on“… It should be clear: Don’t mess. Do not engage.

Source: THEQOO