The Two K-Celebrity Couples Whose “Lovestagram” Photography Skills Are Hard-Carried By The Girlfriends

The girls always take better photos 😂

There is common meme that compares the photography skills of girlfriends versus their boyfriends wherein the former almost always takes better photos. For the following two K-Celebrity couples, this definitely holds true!

1. BB Girls’ Yujeong and Lee Kyu Han

First up, Yujeong from BB Girls (formerly Brave Girls) is in a relationship with actor Lee Kyu Han. They recently made headlines for their steaming hot pictures which were taken at the same venue and time of day in Hoi An, Vietnam.

But while Yujeong’s shot of Lee Kyu Han perfectly showed off the scenery of the infinity pool blending into the background…

Lee Kyu Han | @leeqja/Instagram

…his picture of Yujeong lacked the same level of depth.

Yujeong | @braveg_yj/Instagram

Netizens couldn’t help but joke that it was obvious who among them always takes higher quality pictures.

  • The difference in the photos they took of each other is so funny
  • But the guy really can’t take good photos hahaha
  • In this relationship she takes better photos

As someone who is eleven years older than Yujeong and not in the idol business, he likely did not have any reason to be up-to-date with topics such as angles, lighting, and more.

| @braveg_yj/Instagram

Still, the BB Girls singer looked drop dead gorgeous as always!

| @braveg_yj/Instagram
| @braveg_yj/Instagram

2. Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung and actor Jung Kyung Ho are a long-term couple. If there’s one gripe that the former has against the latter, it’s his subpar photography skills.

Sooyoung revealed in an old interview with Allure that her boyfriend is “the worst” at taking her pictures.

I do know one person who can’t take good photos of me, I don’t ask them to take my pictures at all! I trim things when needed to be trimmed, and I do good camera angles, so people around me really like it when I take their pictures. Then they should take good photos of me too right?! I dressed up, we’re at a really nice place and it’s upsetting if I don’t get any good pictures.

— Sooyoung

She went as far as to playfully demand that he study the way fellow member Tiffany takes her photos in order to improve.

Go to my Instagram and take a look at Tiffany’s camera angles, colors, and background settings.

— Sooyoung

A look at both of their Instagram pages shows that Sooyoung’s shots of Jung Kyung Ho look professional…

Jung Kyung Ho | @jstar_allallj/Instagram
| @jstar_allallj/Instagram

…while his photos of her were more…candid in style.

At the end of the day, both couples still looked stunning!

Source: Naver and YouTube