Lyrics From Suga That Prove He Was Inspirational And Savage Even Pre-Debut

Suga can break your heart in many ways.

Suga of BTS is known as one of the most intense rappers in K-Pop due to his fierce tone and emotional lyrics.

He’s also quite the savage and hasn’t been shy to diss haters who constantly doubt him and BTS.

That doesn’t mean he only became a great and savage lyricist when he became a BTS member. There is some audio of pre-debut rap songs by Suga and they are filled with deep and savage lyrics as well.

1. Criticizing the Korean school system (From “School Of Tears”)

2. Dissing for trying to use things other than rapping (From “Diss”)

3. Don’t start following him when he’s successful (From “Swagger”)

4. Chase your dreams no matter what reality says (From “Dream Money”)

5. His love for music is unmatched (From audition tape)

6. Saying he’s a girl magnet (From “Swagger”)

7. Dissing opponents look (From “Diss”)

8. Criticizing those who won’t help students (From “School Of Tears”)

9. Saying what he could do with money (From “Dream Money”)

10. Just dissing opponents creativity (From “Diss”)