Major Companies Can’t Help But Work With BTS Due To Their Worldwide Power And Influence

Major companies know just how powerful BTS can be.

You might have noticed that BTS has been popping up everywhere from advertisements to TV commercials to social media and you’re right! BTS is the hottest group to work with by companies and it doesn’t matter even if they are competing brands.

In cases of Hyundai and Samsung, they chose BTS to be models not for just one item from the brand but endorsement models for the brand as a whole!

Even though LG and Samsung are competing electronic brands in Korea, companies don’t care if they are using the same model because they know just how powerful the group’s influence is.

Even with FILA and PUMA, they are both sport brands and yet they both have worked with BTS as their models.

If you notice closely, just like the KB (Kookmin Bank) advertisement below, they always make sure to have the group’s name ‘BTS’ be the focal point in the ad to let consumer’s know who they are working with and we don’t blame them!

BTS X Bodyfriend was a collab that not many people were expecting, as it was a brand that sold massage chairs. But with BTS’s influence and status in the industry, the brand gained much attention and profit from working with the group.

Most recently, BTS collabed with Chilsung Cider, which matched the group’s bright energy and power.

There is a reason that these major companies are choosing to work with BTS and it’s quite evident as to why by these news articles that came out after experiencing the ‘BTS effect’.

“BTS’s Lemona Effect”…Kyung Nam Pharm. Hits 174 Uck ($~14,106,324 USD) in Sales For the 1st Quarter

KB Kookmin Bank is all Smiles After Receiving the BTS Effect

BTS Upgraded to Hyundai’s Brand Ambassador…Spreading News About Hydrogen Energy

Bodyfriend Experiences the ‘BTS Effect’ After Massage Chair Orders Come Flooding In For Parent’s Day..Even Company Executives Had To Do Deliveries

“Taking Over the world With BTS” FILA Hits 3 Jo ($~2,432,381,400 USD)…First Domestic Brand To Hit 600 Billion Won ($~486,476,280 USD)

[Delivery Report] Delivery Drivers Get Busy Anytime BTS Drops Something

Samsung and BTS’s Partnership…”Preparing Various Collaborations”

Aside from major company brands, they have also collaborated with other domestic brands such as SYSTEM clothing brand, STONEHENgE jewelry and more. BTS’s global influence has shaped how companies are choosing to advertise and promote their brand.

Source: theqoo