Korean Teens Reveal The Best Ways To Make Friends In Korea

Sometimes friendship can feel like a test without a study guide. Korean teens discussed how to make friends and keep the good ones around for a long time!

1. Be Loyal

“You don’t need looks, you don’t need popularity, you don’t need anything else. You only need loyalty. I’ve been learning my lessons these days…”


2. Be Firm

“It’s important not to be too nice… because you could get used. Learn to turn down your friends if the situation calls for it.”


3. Be Careful

“STOP. TALKING. SH*T!!! That is the single path to peace! If people with you start talking shit on someone else, don’t join in. JUST LEAVE.”


4. Be Courteous

“The closer and the more comfortable you are with each other, the more courteous you should be. The person is still your valuable friend. Remember this!”


5. Be Cool

“Some people will not like you, no matter what. Let it go. Don’t sweat it and you will feel a lot better.”


6. Be You

“Know who you are and love that person the most. There is no need to change others. No need to say too much either. This will keep you grounded.”


7. Be Free of Expectations

“Don’t expect anything. If you must, then expect that there will be nothing in return.”


8. Be Mindful

“Remember the faces who stick with you through the low points. And remember the faces that walked away as soon as you got yourself looking a little down.”


9. Be Smart

“Know what is enough. Don’t joke too much, don’t prank too much, don’t go too far. It might not be as funny as you think it is.”


10. Be Discrete

“Don’t share too much information. If you have too much information from someone else, keep it to yourself as well. Don’t share, don’t tell, don’t spread!”

Source: Nate Pann