These Male ’00 Liners Have Everyone Shook Over Their Visuals

So young yet so beautiful.

These idols may be young, but they are already making waves for their outstanding visual.

1. Bae Jinyoung

Netizens have fallen for Bae Jinyoung‘s visuals. Many have noted how chic and charismatic he looks despite his young age, especially when he’s on stage. Off-stage, however, he is adorable and cute, reminding people that he’s still young.

2. SF9’s Chani

Many remember Chani when he was acting, and are happy seeing him grow into a fine young man. Many adore how cool he likes when he performs, noting that SF9‘s intricate choreography only makes him look more charismatic.

3. NCT’s Haechan

People have fallen for Haechan and his visual. People have pointed out that he has thick double eyelids, which many have called the killing point of his face. His face is also very symmetrical. His weapon? His killer smile!

4. ASTRO’s Sanha

Many have compared Sanha‘s visuals to one of a comic book character. ASTRO‘s maknae is full of charms, and many have fallen for his beagle-like personality.

5. THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo

This rookie idol already has people in shock for being remarkably good-looking. Many are shocked over how beautiful the 19-year-old is! Many of his noona fans believe that his visual is on a whole other level; it cannot be graded.

Source: Instiz