You Knew These 7 Male Idol Groups Had Huge Height Differences, But Just How Different Are They?

Their heights really run the gambit.

One thing that idols are almost always discussing is height. It’s asked for on profiles on variety shows, it’s an endearing quality to fans, and of course, members are always joking about it with each other.

Maybe group members have a right to point out such height differences, especially ones that are so large since they affect things like photoshoots or live stages, although sometimes you do get some that are the opposite.

Regardless of the reason behind that discussion, it’s one that’s not going to disappear anytime soon. So to recognize that, here’s a list of dramatic height differences that only includes groups that have one member who’s 183cm or taller and one who’s 173cm or shorter.

1. SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and Woozi

SEVENTEEN is one of the most well-known examples of a group that has a tall, tall member and one who’s a little…shorter. Mingyu measures a staggering 187cm, making him the fifteenth tallest male idol in all of K-pop. On the opposite side is Woozi, who is 165cm. The difference between the two is 22cm, or about the length of a strand of spaghetti.

2. ATEEZ’s Yunho and Hongjoong

ATEEZ are still relatively new to the K-Pop scene (they debuted in October 2018), but they’ve already been making a name for themselves with their incredible talent, passionate live stages, and endearing personalities. They’re also known for having quite a difference in heights. “Puppy” Yunho stands in at 184cm while leader Hongjoong measures in at 171cm for a gap of 13cm, or a little over the length of two golf tees.

3. EXO’s Chanyeol and D.O.

Moving right along, we have EXO, where there’s another hyper, adorable puppy who’s also a bit of a giant—Chanyeol, who’s 186cm tall. On the other end, we have D.O., who’s 14cm shorter for a total height of 173cm, or roughly half the length of a standard loaf of bread. Though, maybe it’d be best not to mention this height difference aloud when D.O. is around…

4. iKON’s Ju-ne and Jay

iKON has released some absolute bops over the years, and the two main vocalists Ju-ne and Jay are two of the main reasons why their songs have been so catchy. The two also happen to fall into this category of a very tall and rather short member. Ju-ne is roughly 183cm while Jay is 165cm, for a difference of 18cm, or the length of an unsharpened pencil. This also ties Jay with SEVENTEEN’s Woozi as the second shortest male idol in all of K-Pop.

5. PENTAGON’s Wooseok and Jinho

Next is PENTAGON, where maknae Wooseok is an insanely tall 188.4cm, making him the tenth tallest male idol in all of K-Pop. Meanwhile, the eldest member Jinho is 168cm, making him the sixteenth shortest male idol in all of K-Pop. This creates a difference of 20.4cm or about half the length of a bowling pin.

6. SuperM/WayV’s Lucas and Ten

SM Entertainment superstars Lucas and Ten are technically part of NCT. Still, here they’re being evaluated as members of both SuperM and WayV since they are both the shortest and tallest member in both groups. Lucas is a towering 183cm, while Ten is a near-even 170cm. That gives them a height difference of 13cm, or a little less than the length of an iPhone 11.

7. NCT’s Johnny and, once again, Ten

At 184cm tall, Johnny is the overall tallest member in all of NCT (1cm taller than Lucas). For the shortest member amongst all three of NCT’s subunits—NCT U, NCT 127, and NCT Dream—there are a few members who could claim that title. However, one has become most often compared to Johnny when it comes to height—Ten. As mentioned, Ten measures 170cm, which makes him 14cm shorter than Johnny, or about the length of two sticks of chewing gum.

Even though these groups have members at the far opposite ends of the height spectrum, each one has shown that height has no bearing on talent, skill, or loveable-ness of the group. Besides, height is just a number, right?

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