These Male Idols Are The Best, Most Polite Grandsons According To 70-Year Old Grandmothers

These grandmothers know exactly what they want!

Everyone has an opinion on their favorite idols, and we can bet that you’ve probably seen the videos of children rating idols. But what would your grandmother think about K-Pop idols?

The YouTube channel kizzle has invited grandmothers aged 70 or more to rate several different idols in several different categories. Let’s see what they had to say!

1. Which idol would you like to be your grandson?

  • SHINee‘s Onew

  • NU’EST’s Minhyun

  • Stray KidsI.N

The woman who chose Stray Kids’ I.N shared that she thought he looked warm and smiley. She felt like he would truly love his wife. All of the grandmothers went for people with a soft, kind, and neat look.

2. Which idol would be the most polite to the elderly?

  • BTSJin (x3)

Every single grandmother chose BTS’ Jin! They said that he looked warm and cute, making him the perfect candidate to help them when they need it.

3. Idol They Would’ve Called “Oppa” In Their 20s

  • BTSJimin

  • BTSJungkook

  • SHINee‘s Taemin

The grandmother who chose Taemin said that he was very handsome and had a good appearance. Before placing his picture down, she held him up once again and said, “He really is handsome,” while laughing. All of the grandmothers chose an idol that they thought was handsome and thoughtful.

Watch the adorable full video below!