5 Male Idols Who Executed The Popular “Smoke Challenge” Best, According To Korean Netizens

As idols lined up to take on the challenge, some shone brighter than the rest.

The industry is currently abuzz with Bada Lee‘s “Smoke Challenge” that has, in particular, taken TikTok by storm. As idols lined up to take on the challenge, some shone brighter than the rest.

The “Smoke Dance Challenge” was birthed by Bada Lee on the second season of the dance survival show Street Woman Fighter. Quickly gaining traction on social media, numerous idols have since jumped on the bandwagon to showcase their moves.

Korean netizens — notorious for their critical eye — have praised five male idols who they believe have flawlessly mastered the intricate dance moves of this viral challenge.

1. BTS’ V

When V took on the challenge, it was no surprise that he executed it impeccably. His sharp transitions and the passion with which he danced captivated the audience. As a member of the world’s biggest boy band, V’s attempt was highly anticipated, and he did not disappoint.

2. RIIZE’s Shotaro

Another idol that left a lasting impression was Shotaro from RIIZE. Although still technically a rookie in the K-Pop scene, his dance background is evident. The precision and agility with which he tackled the “Smoke Challenge” garnered praise, making him a standout among his peers.

3. Shinhwa’s Minwoo

Proving that experience does count, Minwoo from the veteran group Shinhwa showcased that age is just a number when it comes to dancing. His sharp movements and understanding of the choreography’s nuances left many younger idols in the shadows.

4. HIGHLIGHT’s Gikwang

Known for his dancing prowess, HIGHLIGHT’s Gikwang reaffirmed his position as one of K-Pop’s leading dancers. His version of the “Smoke Challenge” was not just about imitating the steps but adding his unique flair, which resonated with many.

5. CRAVITY’s Hyeongjun

Lastly, the young talent from CRAVITY, Hyungjun, wowed the audience with his sharp moves and impressive footwork. His commitment to getting every move right was palpable, making his execution one of the most memorable.

While many idols tried their hand at the now-infamous “Smoke Challenge,” these five stood out for their unmatched skills and passion. They have not only embraced the challenge but also set the standard for what it takes to be recognized as a true dancer in the K-Pop industry.

Source: TheQoo