These 8+ Male Idols Are Popular For Their “Pretty” AF Waists

From BTS’s Jungkook to Stray Kids’ Felix, these idols just won’t let us breathe.

Hold onto your hearts, K-Pop fans! We are about to reveal the idols known for having the prettiest waists in the industry. Whether it’s their perfect ‘ant waist’ or their killer dance moves that emphasize their shape, these idols have caught everyone’s attention with their stunning waistlines.

1. BTS’s Jungkook

Starting off our list is the ‘Golden Maknae’ himself, Jungkook of BTS. His lean physique and captivating waistline have always been a topic of admiration among fans. Whether he’s rocking a loose shirt or a fitted one, the spotlight always manages to find its way to his stunning waistline.

2. BTS’s Jimin

When talking about ‘pretty’ waists, it would be a crime not to mention BTS’s Jimin. Known for his effortless dance moves and expressive performances, Jimin’s waistline is just another feature that makes him stand out. His outstanding body control paired with his defined waist makes for some mesmerizing performances.

3. EXO’s Kai

EXO’s main dancer, Kai, is not only known for his breathtaking performances but also for his stunning waistline. His years of training and dedication to dance have given him a waist that any idol (and fan!) would be jealous of. And let’s be honest, Kai’s crop tops have become something of a signature style, which only highlights his pretty waist even more.

4. SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo

Wonwoo has stolen fans’ hearts time and time again with his handsome features, and yes, his waist is one of them. While he may be known for his deep voice and calm demeanor, don’t be fooled! His slim and toned waist has earned him a place on this list.

5. The Boyz’ Juyeon

Juyeon, also known for his exceptional dancing skills, is another idol who boasts a beautiful waistline. His killer body proportions, including his eye-catching waist, have garnered him a lot of love from fans around the globe.

6. ZEROBASEONE’s Zhang Hao

Though relatively new to the scene, ZEROBASEONE’s Zhang Hao has already made an impression. His model-like figure, accentuated by a pretty waist, has left fans breathless and wanting more.

7. Stray Kids’ Felix

Stray Kids’ Felix is another one of those idols who, despite their muscular physique, have a strikingly defined waistline. His Aussie charm, combined with that waist of his, has definitely got STAYs swooning.

8. Stray Kids’ Han

Much like his bandmate, Han of Stray Kids also has a waist that fans can’t help but notice. He’s got the talent, the looks, and the waist – a full package if you ask us!

9. MONSTA X’s Hyungwon and Shownu

Rounding off our list are MONSTA X’s Hyungwon and Shownu. Both have been turning heads with their sculpted figures and eye-catching waists. Their stage presence is amplified by their body proportions, which have undoubtedly contributed to MONSTA X’s powerful performances.