10+ Male K-Pop Idols Who Look Breathtakingly Gorgeous With Curly Locks

Curly hair will never go out of style!

There are always several trends in K-Pop that come and go but one that seems to stick around is cute curly hair! Many male idols have tried out the hairstyle and they always rock it!

Here are 10+ male K-Pop idols Who Stunned With The Curly Hair Look

1. BTS’s V

BTS’s V showed off the cutest perm for their hit song “Butter” and it collected a lot of attention! While this isn’t V’s first time with curly hair, it definitely captured a lot of hearts.


2. ATEEZ’s Seonghwa

ATEEZ’s Seonghwa also showed off a cute curly hairdo with natural black hair color. With those curly locks and his white hoodie, Seonghwa is giving off serious boyfriend material vibes.

3. WINNER’s Jinwoo

WINNER’s Jinwoo sported this curly hairstyle that’s just as cute as he is! Jinwoo blessed us all with this look for the group’s song “Everday.”


SEVENTEEN’s THE8 debuted with this more than adorable hairstyle! Young and thriving, THE8 stole the hearts of every Carat (SEVENTEEN’s fans).

5. EXO’s Chanyeol

EXO’s Chanyeol is no stranger to the curly hair look as he often perms his hair and we’ll never get tired of it!

6. NCT’s Jisung

The group’s maknae Jisung gave us all heart attacks with his adorable baby face and golden curls! “Chewing Gum” was truly one of the cutest debuts out there.

| SMTWON/YouTube

7. Stay Kids’ Bang Chan

This amazing leader needs an amazing hairdo and curly hair clearly suits him!

8. NCT’s Jaehyun

NCT’s Jaehyun caught everyone’s attention when he debuted with the curliest hair! The cute curls added immense duality to Jaehyun’s fierceness on stage.

9. BIG BANG’s G-Dragon

Does he need any introduction? G-Dragon is known for several things and one is definitely his impeccable fashion. G-Dragon wears these curls like no other!

10. MONSTA X’s Hyungwon

Is this a fairy? Or is this MONSTA X’s Hyungwon? His beauty is out of this world and his curls add to his unbelievable visuals.

11. iKON’s Bobby

iKon’s Bobby constantly shocks iKONICs with his impressive rap skills and also surprised everyone with these wild curly locks.

12. Pentagon’s Yeo One

Pentagon’s Yeon One has the softest visuals and his curly hairstyle gave him an even more youthful look.

13. Holland

Holland stole the hearts of many with his soft blonde hair and fluffy curls! From his vocals to his visuals, Holland is always stunning.

14. TXT’s Hueningkai

Hueningkai looks like prince charming with his lushes curls! The group’s maknae melted all our hearts with this look.

15. Block B’s P.O

Block B’s P.O is a lyrical genius and apparently a style genius as well! While it seemed like he couldn’t get any more charming, P.O attacked us with this fluffy hairdo.

16. Super Junior’s Heechul

By now the world knows Super Junior’s Heechul can literally pull off any outfit and any hairstyle. While he has sported various hairstyles, his curly hair is a crowd favorite.

17. ENHYPEN’s Jungwon

Young, confident, and downright adorable! Jungwon can pull off any look but his curly hair is something special.

18. ASTRO’s Sanha

No matter what look he’s trying out, ASTRO’s Sanha is always a total cutie! If he kept this curly hair forever, I’m sure AROHAs wouldn’t be mad at all.

19. HIGHLIGHT’s Gikwang

HIGHLIGHT’s Gikwang visuals are so gorgeous that no matter how he styled his hair, he’d look incredibly cool!

20. SF9’s Dawon

SF9’s Dawon is too precious for this world! With his blonde curly hair and kind personality, Dawon is truly a blessing.

21. GOT7’s Mark

We can’t talk about curly hair and not mention GOT7’s Mark’s iconic poofy curls! Ahgases went crazy over this hairdo!

22. 2PM’s Junho

While 2PM’s concept is often sultry and intense, Junho shows his duality by being a total cutie with curly hair.