The Only Male K-Pop Idols Who Are Taller Than TXT’s Soobin

Several of these idols are 190cm and up!

In addition to being talented and handsome, TXT‘s Soobin is known for being extremely tall. 185cm and 187cm (6’1″ to 6’1.5″) tall, to be exact.

TXT’s Soobin | Weverse

Very few male idols are taller than him — here are eleven that have made the list!

1. CNBLUE’s Jungshin (188cm)

CNBLUE‘s Jungshin stands at 188cm (6’1.5″).

2. 2Z’s Hojin (188cm)

2Z‘s Hojin stands at 188cm (6’1.5″) and is one of two members to make this list.

3. JMIN (189cm)

The Korean-American rapper’s height is listed at 189cm (6’2).

| @jmindontleave/Instagram

4. SF9’s Rowoon (189cm)

SF9‘s Rowoon stands at 189cm (6’2).

5. VAV’s Lou (190cm)

VAV‘s Lou stands at 190cm or just under 6’2.5.

6. GreatGuys’ Hwalchan (190cm)

GreatGuys have plenty of tall members — Hwalchan comes in at 190cm (6’2.5).

| Rustic

7. B.A.P’s Zelo (190cm)

While B.A.P Zelo‘s height has not been fully confirmed, it is said he is at least 190cm tall!

8. g.o.d’s Taewoo (190cm)

g.o.d‘s Taewoo is the oldest member of this list and is 190cm tall!

Taewoo and his wife Kim Ae Ri | bnt

9. PENTAGON’s Wooseok (191cm)

PENTAGON‘s Wooseok comes in at 191cm (just over 6’2.5), something confirmed by the group themselves!

| CUBE Entertainment

10. GreatGuys’ Uiyeon (192cm)

Another member of GreatGuys, Uiyeon comes in at 192cm (nearly 6’3)

| Rusic

11. Former KNK Seoham (193cm)

Former member of KNK and actor Seoham is 193cm or 6’3!

12. 2Z’s Junghyun (195cm)

2Z‘s Junghyun is the tallest male idol now, standing at 195cm (6’4)!

| @official2z/Twitter
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