7 Artists Who Were Snubbed At The “2021 MAMAs,” According To Fans

It’s hard to believe these artists were snubbed at this year’s awards nominations

It is virtually impossible to make everyone happy when it comes to award shows. That being said, there are many instances in which most people would agree that certain decisions are unfair. After the nominations for this year’s Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) were announced, many fans were angry to find that many deserving artists were snubbed. Here are some of the artists who were overlooked in this year’s nominations.


1. Taemin 

Taemin is one of the biggest idols in K-Pop, with an impressive career that started with his debut as a member of the iconic group SHINee. After a number of extremely successful solo albums, Taemin still continues to push the boundaries of the genre, so it was a massive shock to fans that he was not nominated for his album, Advice, at this year’s awards.

Taemin’s “Advice” | SMTOWN/Youtube



Despite being known as the performance group, ATEEZ did not receive a nomination for the performance category, leaving many ATINYs disappointed. This comes as a particularly hard blow after all the work that ATEEZ put into their performances in Kingdom: Legendary War.

ATEEZ’s Symphony No.9 “From The Wonderland” Performance on Kingdom: Legendary War | Mnet K-Pop/Youtube



Much like with ATEEZ, fans were disappointed to find that THE BOYZ were not nominated for Best Dance Performance by a male group. After a long two years in which THE BOYZ showcased numerous incredible performances in Road to Kingdom and Kingdom: Legendary War, it seemed like the group had merited at least a nomination, and with the extremely high level of their performances it’s hard to understand why they didn’t get one.

THE BOYZ performing EXO’s “Monster” in Kingdom: Legendary War | Mnet K-Pop/Youtube


4. Chungha

Chungha has made herself someone to be reckoned with as a solo artist. This year she released her hit song, “Bicycle,” which was instantly popular. After a very busy year with a lot of activities, fans were left wondering how Chungha could have been snubbed from all categories when she accomplished so much — particularly from the dance category, as “Bicycle” has a phenomenal dance break that deserves recognition. Hopefully, her efforts will be recognised soon!

“Bicycle” Dance Break | Mnet K-Pop/Youtube


5. Kai

Another legendary performer, Kai made his solo debut with “Mmmh” last year to great success. Known as one of the greatest K-Pop dancers of all time, it’s more than surprising that Kai did not receive a nomination for Best Dance Performance. However, fans will at least be happy that he scored a nomination for Best Male Artist, along with fellow EXO member, Baekhyun.

Kai’s “Mmmh” | SMTOWN/Youtube



MAMAMOO is one of the best girl-group acts in K-Pop right now, and they recently made an emotional comeback for their anniversary. Their comeback track, “Where Are We Now,” was not only a touching tribute to their anniversary, but it was also a perfect opportunity for the group to showcase their incredibly strong vocals. The numbers may not have added up, but the quality of MAMAMOO’s vocal performance definitely deserved a nomination. And for that matter, so did group leader Solar’s “Adrenaline,” which was the OST for the popular Netflix hit, Vincenzo.

MAMAMOO in “Where Are We Now” | MAMAMOO/Youtube


7. Sunmi

Fans claimed that Sunmi was ‘robbed’ of a Best Dance Performance nomination for her song, Tail, and it’s hard not to agree. Tail is a great song and the choreography was equal parts creative, fresh and challenging, telling a distinct story from start to finish. Sunmi would have been a worthy nominee.

Sunmi performing “Tail” for Studio Choom | STUDIO CHOOM/Youtube


Who else do you think was snubbed? Let us know!