6 Random Facts About MAMAMOO’s Handsome Rapper Moonbyul That Everyone Should Know

She embraces her uniqueness!

MAMAMOO is a quartet full of incredibly talented members, with each of the four extremely skilled in their own areas of expertise. Moonbyul, as the group’s main rapper, is more than able to keep up with the other power vocalists in the group!

She’s long stood out among the crowd for her “handsome” visuals and her tendency to dress in more “masculine” clothes oftentimes, and fans love her for it. She’s not afraid to break away from the typical idol mold — just like the other members of MAMAMOO — and it works so well for her! Whether you’re already a fan of Moonbyul or just want to learn more about her, here are 6 facts that you should find interesting.

1. The meaning behind her name.

Moonbyul’s full name is actually Moon Byulyi. She was born on December 22, 1992, apparently on a night when the stars were particularly bright. Because of this, and because he wanted her to become someone that shines bright like a star, her dad decided to name her Byulyi, which means “star”. Definitely an appropriate name for this future star!

2. She wanted to be an idol for a long time, but it wasn’t easy.

Moonbyul dreamed of being a singer since she was young, and even attended SM Academy, which helped her to get training. However, despite her hard work and attempts at becoming an idol, she had some hardships. She was scammed once when she was a trainee at a different company than the one she’s in now, and she even debuted in a group at another company briefly, but was later taken out of it with rumors that she was eliminated because she wouldn’t lose weight.

She auditioned for many different companies and even worked with a couple before she ended up in RBW Entertainment and MAMAMOO. But Moonbyul never gave up despite her hardships!

3. She didn’t intend to be a rapper.

It may be hard to believe it now, given how well-known Moonbyul is for her rapping abilities, but she didn’t go into the idol business to pursue rap! In fact, when she was a trainee, she mainly trained as a vocalist, and it wasn’t until just 6 months before MAMAMOO debuted that she switched to being a rapper at the suggestion of her company. Fortunately, she still is able to let her vocals shine in her solo work!

4. She has a refreshing opinion about her visuals.

Moonbyul is often called a “handsome” female idol due to her unique visuals and her more masculine-style clothing that she often wears. She embraces this, however, rather than being bothered by it! In fact, she once said that she likes being handsome more than being pretty, because there are many pretty female idols, but not many handsome ones. It’s wonderful to see her have such confidence in herself!

5. She has a helpful habit towards her fellow MAMAMOO members.

Moonbyul is a thoughtful, giving, considerate person, especially towards the other members of MAMAMOO. In fact, she has a habit of helping them adjust their clothing such as pulling the bottom of their shorts down or covering their legs with blankets on programs to help them feel more comfortable. Because of this, she has the nickname “Moon Bosu”, because “Bosu” means conservative!

6. She had one other dream as a child besides becoming an idol.

Moonbyul has a very selfless and thoughtful dream besides pursuing her idol career. She has said that she would love to be able to build a home for her parents to live in! Hopefully someday soon she can make that dream a reality.

Hopefully you learned something new about the talented performer Moonbyul today!

Source: Doyouram


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