Here Is MAMAMOO Solar’s Gorgeous Hair Color Evolution, From Debut Until Now

Solar is a whole visual, from debut until now!

MAMAMOO‘s Solar debuted as the main vocalist and visual of her group, so suffice to say, she’s always been a certified top vocal and visual queen! Ever since her debut, she’s sported a wide range of colors and styles, so here is her hair color evolution, from debut until now!

1. ”Mr. Ambiguous”


2. “Piano Man”


3. “Ahh Oop!”


4. “Um Oh Ah Yeah”


5. “You’re The Best”


6. ”Décalcomanie”


7. “Yes I Am”


8. “Starry Night”


9. “Egotistic”


10. “Wind Flower”


11. “gogobebe”


12. “Hip”


13. “Spit It Out”