5 Random Facts About MAMAMOO’s Stunning Solar That Everyone Should Know

She started her career later in life than most K-Pop idols!

As the leader of MAMAOO, Solar has a lot of weight on her shoulders! However, she seems to carry the role, as well as her position as one of this vocally powerful group’s main singers, incredibly well.

She’s definitely multi-talented in many ways, and not to mention absolutely beautiful! Solar has been known to try out unusual looks as well — such as, most recently, rocking a unibrow in “AYA” — and she always has incredible confidence doing so! Whether you’re already a fan or just want to learn more about her, here are 5 random facts about Solar that you should find interesting.

1. The meaning behind her stage name.

Solar’s real name is Kim Yongsun, so how did she get her stage name? There are actually two different meanings behind it! The first is more obvious: She used the last syllable of her name, “Sun”, and used the literal English meaning, which is “Solar”. Also, she originally wanted her stage name to be “Do Re Mi”, but when it was rejected, she took the “Sol” and “La” from higher up in the Solfège syllables to make “Solar”!

2. She started training later than most idols.

Most K-Pop idols start training in their early to mid-teens, but that wasn’t the case for Solar! She actually wanted to be a flight attendant when she was younger. However, since she was a talented singer, one time when she performed in a singing event on the streets of Hongdae, she was given an offer to become a singer! She rejected this offer, since she was preparing to become a flight attendant, but it stuck in her mind for a long time until she finally decided to pursue singing.

She auditioned for many different companies, but it wasn’t until she was 22 — much older than most trainees — that she was accepted into RBW Entertainment, where she eventually debuted in MAMAMOO!

3. Her friendships with other MAMAMOO members didn’t all start out perfectly.

Because Solar was the oldest among the MAMAMOO trainees, which she wasn’t used to, she had a hard time at first becoming friendly with them. Fortunately, she and Moonbyul bonded over having similar tastes and interests, and now they’re incredibly close! However, her relationship with Wheein didn’t start out so smoothly.

They weren’t very close to begin with, and in order to try to become friendly with Wheein, one time Solar made her jjajang bap. However, it turned out that Wheein wasn’t a fan of the dish, so things got even more awkward between them for a while! Of course, however, now all four members are very close with each other.

4. Being a leader didn’t come naturally.

Solar was chosen as the leader of MAMAMOO because she was the oldest among them. However, because she was used to being the maknae at home (she has an older sister), it was hard for her to adjust to being the oldest and leader! Unfortunately, she tried to be too strict at first, which caused conflicts, but these days she has better adapted to the role.

5. She is a popular YouTuber.

Solar actually has an active YouTube channel! Called “Solarsido”, it’s a place where she uploads all kinds of videos, from her trying new things to reaction videos to vlogs and an assortment of other things. She has about 2 and a half million subscribers that enjoy watching her content!

Hopefully you learned something new about this talented vocalist!