10+ Moments Of MAMAMOO’s Wheein Being An Absolute Dance Line Queen

Wheein is a dancing machine!

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein is a great dancer, and she absolutely shines onstage!

Here are 10+ moments of Wheein flaunting her incredible dancelines!

1. This move should be illegal.

Wheein is a sexy, confident queen!

2. Ripping the stage apart in all-denim!

She’s killing it!

3. Wheein was a star in the “HIP” choreography!

She nails every move perfectly!

4. Sexy in sweats

Even in sweatpants, no one can stop Wheein!

5. Sultry stage queen!

Wheein’s charisma is off the charts!

6. Her cover of Kiana Ledé’s “Title” is perfect!

She’s slaying this routine!

7. Flawless performances is Wheein’s everyday serve!

She’s a great dancer, and she shows it everytime!

8. Dance practice

She’s incredible in all of MAMAMOO’s dance practices!

9. Her cover of AOA’s “Like A Cat” is phenomenal!

Wheein is so well-suited to this song!

10. Girl-crush Wheein

Who wouldn’t have a crush on her!?

11. Blue-haired Wheein was such a serve!

And her facial expressions in this GIF are on point!

Stan Wheein, stan talent!