MAMAMOO’s Solar Is Totally A Mother Of Three—And She Can Thank Her Members For That

Her children’s names are Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa. 😂

MAMAMOO‘s Solar is the leader of the group. A true beauty inside and out, Solar is undeniably great at what she does.

Despite being the leader, sometimes it can feel more like she’s mothering a pack of three wild toddlers, and it’s actually pretty adorable.

1. That Time Her “Children” Misbehaved And She Had To Be Cool

Source: YouTube

Solar tried to hand out finger pointers to her members but Moonbyul was having the time of her life playing with the bubble maker. It’s no wonder they sometimes come to blows! Sometimes, children can be known to test their parents’ patience, and in those situations, they just have to stay cool, like Solar did!

2. That Time She Tried To Get Her “Children” To Listen

Source: YouTube

As any parent knows, it can be next to impossible to get your children to listen to you. This is what’s happening here. 😂

3. When Her “Children” Needed To Explain The Game To Her

Source: YouTube

Sometimes, despite best efforts, you might not be the coolest parent on the block. In that case, you’ll definitely need your children to explain things to you, which is what happened here.

4.  And, The Times She’s Had To Comfort Them

Source: YouTube

Being a parent isn’t all about being strict. There are times when your children will come to you for comfort and reassurance, and Mama Solar knows how to provide that for her “children” as well.

What do you think of Solar’s mothering behavior? It’s pretty wholesome, right? Anyone would be lucky to have Mama Solar in their lives.