Here Are The 21 Finalists For “Be Mbitious”, The Prequel For “Street Man Fighter”

Who are you rooting for?

Street Man Fighter, the sequel to the much-loved 2021 dance competition show Street Woman Fighter, will be airing this summer through Mnet. In preparation for the show, the prequel series Be Mbitious has been running in order to make the final line-up of 8 dancers for Street Man Fighter. So far, 21 finalists have made it to the last round of the competition. The top 8 will be chosen based on both fan views and likes on their upcoming solo dance performances on The Choom‘s YouTube channel, as well as by a crew selection committee. Here’s a look at the 21 final contestants on Be Mbitious!

1. Kino (PENTAGON)

Kino is the main dancer of PENTAGON, and also a choreographer for their group!

2. Dan

Dan is a talented dancer that specializes in break dancing, and also majored in contemporary dance.

3. Harry June (DKB)

Harry June is the maknae of DKB, and also one of main dancers of the group!

4. Wootae

Wootae is a professional dancer and choreographer, and he has worked with K-Pop groups such as EXO and SHINee!

5. Tarzan

Tarzan is a professional dancer and dance instructor that has worked at popular dance studio 1Million Dance Studio, and is known for his masculine style of hip hop.


Xhin is also a dance instructor, and specializes in jazz and waacking!

7. Bae Seungyoon

Seungyoon is a dancer that specializes in female hip-hop, and has studied under internationally acclaimed choreographer Honey J!

8. Yoon Jinwoo

Jinwoo is a professional dancer that has choreographed for K-Pop group NCT 127!

9. 5000

5000 is known as a veteran in Korean street dancing, and has won over 50 dance battles!

10. Brother Bin

Brother Bin is one of the younger competitors on the show, and is known for being a child dance influencer who was the creator of the “Leave the Door Open” TikTok challenge.

11. Lee Howon (former INFINITE)

Howon, formerly known as Hoya of INFINITE, was the main dancer of the K-Pop group when he was a member!

12. Yamakasi

Yamakasi is a Mongolian hip-hop dancer, and he impressively won against veteran dancer Crazy Kyo during the battle round of the show!

13. Pyoungya

Pyoungya is a famous professional dancer who specializes in hip-hop and dance battles.


OHBODY is a veteran professional choreographer, and has even been a teacher for some of the other contestants on the show!

15. Biggle

Biggle is a choreographer that specializes in hip-hop, and won the hearts of watchers with his optimistic personality and dancing style!

16. Trendy Rock

Trendy Rock used to be in the same dance crew as OHBODY, and though he challenged and lost to his former fellow member and dance instructor, he still made it to the top 21.

17. Cha Hyunseung

Hyunseung is well-known as a popular backup dancer for K-Pop solo legend Sunmi!

18. Roh Taehyun (former HOTSHOT and JBJ)

Taehyun is a former member of both K-Pop groups HOTSHOT and JBJ, and was the main dancer of both!

19. UKUN

UKUN is a well-known hip-hop dancer and is also part of the popular dance crew Color.

20. LIL’C

LIL’C is a talented dancer that is particularly known for his popping skills!

21. Kim Jungwoo

Jungwoo is the youngest participant on the show, and is known for his particular talent in krumping!