MCND Dropped 10 Versions Of “Spring” And Fans Aren’t Complaining

The versions are never ending!

On April 9, MCND dropped their official music video for “Spring” just in time for the nice weather. The upbeat energy of the song and the colorful visuals make it a feel good song that’s perfect to listen to during the warmer months. MCND is TOP Media‘s newest rookie group that debuted this past February. What fans didn’t know was that they were going to be every version possible of this music video in order to keep fans fed with different content!

Let’s take a look at all the versions of “Spring” that has been released so far!

1. Official “Spring” MV

2. Let’s watch “Spring” M/V with MCND!

3. “Spring” Dance Practice Version

4. “Spring” MV Performance Version

5. “Spring” (School ver.) Special Video


6. “Spring” (Spring ver.) Special Video

7. “Spring” Special Clip Performance

8. “Spring” Relay Dance Version

9.  “Spring” Sero Live Version with Dingo Music

10. 1theK’s “Spring” Fan Cam Individual Member Versions



What’s your favorite version of “Spring”?