Meet The Siblings Of All The GOT7 Members

Come meet the GOT7 family!

1. JB

JB is the only member of GOT7 who is an only child.


But all of GOT7’s families are really close so it’s almost like all of his fellow members’ siblings are his!


2. Jackson‘s older brother

Jackson has one older brother who lives in Australia.


Not much is known about him except that he has a daughter named Aimee.


Jackson really loves his niece and any time he’s in Australia he wants to hang out with his brother and Aimee! How cute!


3. Jinyoung‘s sisters Soo Young and Bo Young

Jinyoung has two beautiful older sisters!


Jinyoung once ranked his fellow members on who he would want to introduce to his sisters more.


The three siblings seem to be pretty close and have even been seen grabbing coffee together!


But Bo Young and Soo Young don’t like to spend time in the limelight, which is sad because the three Park siblings are the queens and king of visuals!


4. Mark‘s brother Joey and sisters Tammy and Grace

Mark’s whole family is super supportive of his career and have been known to visit him at concerts. And all of the Tuan siblings get along well.


Tammy is 14 years older than Mark, Grace is 10 years older than Mark, and Joey is 3 years younger than Mark.


Tammy leads a pretty normal life with her husband and two kids.


Meanwhile, Grace has some great photography skills which she shows off on her Instagram account. She prefers to post pictures of skylines and architecture.


His younger brother Joey gets along really well with Yugyeom and the two have been known to hang out together!


Joey also has an amazing singing voice!


5. Youngjae’s sister and brother

Youngjae has two older siblings.


Not much is known about his brother or sister, although his brother used to post on Youngjae’s Instagram telling him how much he missed him.


Last year, Youngjae’s brother moved to Seoul and Youngjae has been living with him since.


6. Yugyeom’s brother

Not only is Yugyeom the maknae of GOT7 but he’s also the maknae in his family! His older brother stays hidden from fans, which is a shame because he’s incredibly handsome!


7. Bambam’s sister Baby and brothers Bank and Beer

Bambam has two older brothers and one younger sister.


The four siblings are not camera shy and always take lots of pictures when they are together.


Bambam’s sister Baby also has quite the following on Instagram. She posts a lot of visually pleasing photos.

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And she has been known to share pictures of her talented brothers!


Bank is a very talented dance instructor and choreographer.


On occasion, he even dances with Bambam. It’s easy to see where Bambam’s great dance moves come from!

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And Bambam’s other brother, Beer, loves to hang out with his baby brother and fellow GOT7 members!