Meet The Siblings Of All The Red Velvet Members

These five girls love their siblings!

1. Yeri’s sisters Ye Eun, Chae Eun, and Yu Rim

While Yeri may be the maknae of the group, she is actually the oldest sibling in her family!


Yoo Rim is 1 year younger than Yeri, Ye Eun is 9 years younger, and Chae Eun is 12 years younger.


Yeri is super protective of her sibs. She doesn’t really like posting photos of them so that her family still has some privacy. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like showing her sisterly affection!


2. Seulgi’s brother

Seulgi is the only member with an older brother. They have a really unique relationship and the other Red Velvet members say they like to quarrel.

Seulgi with her older brother and another boy.

They must look a lot alike because Wendy mistook them for twins the first time she met him!


Seulgi’s brother is saved as “damn brother” on her phone and she is saved as “idiot” on his!


Her brother also has a sense of humor. When she debuted he and his friends performed “Happiness” with mops on their heads and sent her the video!


3. Joy’s sisters Ji Yeong and Min Ji

Joy has two younger siblings Ji Yeong and Min Ji. Joy is another protective big sister and respects their privacy by not posting pictures of them.


4. Wendy’s sister Seung Hee

Wendy has one older sister but very little is known about her.


One thing that is known is that both Wendy and her sister are incredibly smart. They won the same education award when they were in school—Seung Hee in 2006 and Wendy in 2009!


5. Irene’s sister

Irene has one younger sister who works at their family restaurant in Daegu. People who have seen her say she doesn’t look like Irene but has her own unique beauty. She is also taller than Irene!

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