Here Are The Mega Hit Songs Of Popular 3rd Generation K-Pop Groups

Their representative songs are the bomb.

Third generation K-Pop groups have released massively popular music since their 2013-2015 debuts. While all of them have multiple hit songs, they all had that one song that really blew them up.

Check out the title tracks that Korean netizens consider the representative hit songs of third generation groups!

1. WINNER – Really Really

WINNER may have consistently reached first place on music charts since debut, but “Really Really” blew them up considerably. This song was played everywhere in South Korea, and it was easily dubbed 2017’s Summer Song. WINNER’s most-viewed and most recognized track to date, it solidified their standing in the K-Pop scene.

2. EXO – Growl

“Growl” became an instant hit the moment it was released. Besides the memorable stage outfits and choreography, it was notable for bringing EXO-K and EXO-M together for the first time in one song. “Growl” won EXO multiple music show wins for weeks to come.

3. TWICE – Cheer Up

TWICE‘s “Cheer Up” is still one of the most iconic girl group songs ever released. With a bright melody and energetic dance, it was an uplifting song that people couldn’t help but love.

4. MONSTA X – Shoot Out

While MONSTA X‘s “Hero” put the group on the map and “DRAMARAMA” got them their first win, it was “Shoot Out” that Koreans know them for. The popular “vibrating mode” dance went viral and emphasized their masculinity.

5. Red Velvet – Red Flavor

Red Velvet may have hit songs in both their “red” and “velvet” concepts, but the popularity of “Red Flavor” came first. It was particularly famous among fellow idols who couldn’t help but copy the chorus.


SEVENTEEN‘s “MANSAE” was a great example of their dynamism as a group. With the catchy chorus and self-made choreography, “MANSAE” was easy to copy. As Produce 101 Season 2 confirmed, this is the track many idols love to cover.

7. GOT7 – Just Right

GOT7 has made it known that they don’t particularly love this era, but “Just Right” won them local and international recognition and became their highest-viewed music video to date. It is often sited as their “representative song”.

8. BTS – Fire

Finally, BTS‘s “Fire” is continuously streamed, covered, and remembered because of how iconic it is. Many Koreans and foreigners alike would easily recognize the track’s chorus and beats. While every BTS song is notable in their own way, “Fire” blew the group even more into stardom.