Here’s How Each Member Of BLACKPINK Looks Without Makeup

Each member has been spotted with zero makeup on.

BLACKPINK girls have wowed us with their charismatic performances and the fierce, girl-crush makeup styles have become like signature for the members. Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé look amazing without the stage makeup though, because they are all beautiful underneath it all. Check them out in their most natural light.


1. Jisoo

While Jisoo’s stage makeup consists of color contacts, coral to pink shades of eyeshadow, eyeliner and brows on fleek, and vibrant lip tones, she looks completely clean and natural when she’s off stage and rocking the most basic style in her own skin. The truth is, she is beautiful with or without and there is no way to decide which is better!


2. Jennie

Jennie’s smokey-eye makeup is her trademark look. It makes her look sexy, elegant, and all around bad*ss. When she is on stage with this style of makeup, she looks like a confident ball of fire, but when she is off stage barefaced, she turns into a wee baby. This tremendous gap is actually what makes fans fall in love with Jennie even more – she is the best of both worlds.


3. Lisa

Lisa always looks super dolled up on stage. Her gorgeous facial features are accentuated with the funky fun style of makeup that incorporates bold, dashing colors. She looks wild, almost exotic, and simply captivating. Off stage, Lisa turns into a whole another level of doll – her large eyes really bring out her surreal beauty. Lisa in her bare face looks pure, refreshing, and comfortable.


4. Rosé

Rosé’s stage makeup is often a subtler smokey style, but still charismatic and complementing all her facial features in the right way. Though Rosé is rarely seen in public without her makeup, she looks casual and carefree in the pictures that capture her bare face. If Rosé’s stage makeup gives her a confident, passionate kind of sass, the more natural look gives her a healthy, young glow that fits her perfectly.


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