The Members Of ENHYPEN Gave Sweet Compliments To One Another And It Has Us Soft

“We promised never to day stuff like this after ‘ENHYPEN&HI.'”

The charming members of ENHYPEN recently participated in an interview with J-14 Magazine where they answered a series of intriguing questions!

For their interview, each member drew a question and Sunoo pulled out the question, “What do you love the most about the member next to you?” Prepare your hearts! The member’s answers will make you soft! Before the compliments began, Sunoo adorably commented, “This is fun.”

1. Sunoo’s compliments to Ni-Ki

Honestly, Ni-Ki…First of all, I love Ni-Ki’s dancing and I also think Ni-Ki has really nice legs. I’m envious of how long they are…Also, Ni-Ki is still young so he’s growing. He often says he feels growing pains. I’m quite envious of that.

— Sunoo

2. Ni-Ki’s compliments to Sunghoon

There is a lot I like about Sunghoon…His dance lines are really pretty, so I’m a bit envious of that. It’s very elegant and his legs are super long as well. You can just see it when he dresses up. He stands out.

— Niki

3. Sunghoon’s compliments to Heeseung

Heeseung has a tendency to really dig into one particular thing he’s passionate about. He gives off the real ‘artist vibe’ when he practices like that. That’s something I can learn from him. He’s also good at both singing and dancing and though he doesn’t show it too often, he thinks about us and the younger members a lot. So, I appreciate that about him.

— Sunghoon

4. Heeseung’s compliments to Jay

As for Jay, he stands his ground like an older brother. I like the groundedness he brings. This is so cringey. We promised never to day stuff like this after ‘ENHYPEN&HI.’ With me being older, it’s nice to see that side of him and there’s a lot I learn from him even though I’m older. Also, whatever he does, he holds on to his strong beliefs and convictions. And he always shows his confident side. I like seeing that side of him. That’s had a positive impact on me as well, since our debut. He’s been a big influence and I appreciate that. And also, his facial features… I’m honestly envious of his sharp jawline. His jawline is very prominent and masculine. I think it looks really good.

— Heeseung

5. Jay’s compliments to Jake

Well, with Jake. This may or may not be a similarity but we both have in common the fact that we grew up abroad. We always reminisce about how things were when we were younger and that helped us form this sort of mutual understanding. So I think we were able to bond really quickly after we first met I felt a connection with him and maybe that’s why we think alike. So having that commonality gives me comfort and I really appreciate it.

— Jay

6. Jake’s compliments to Jungwon

I always say this and I feel like I always get Jungwon when we do something like this. Even though he is the second youngest among us. He takes good care of all his ‘hyungs’ and he’s doing a great job as a leader. He leads us in the right direction. I depend on him and learn a lot from him even though he’s younger. He’s like the most grown-up.

— Jake

7. Jungwon’s compliments to Sunoo

The ENHYPEN members had some trouble acting really cute in the beginning. I think he’s really good at that kind of thing. Our fans really like it. His bright…how should I put it? Bright energy…Yeah okay, his bright energy. I think we learn a lot from that.

— Jungwon

Check out the video below: