These Memes Of K-Pop Idols’ “Real” Names Are Basically The Best Thing Ever Created

Their REAL names!

Did you know that you might have been saying your idols’ real names wrong this whole time? There’s been a new meme going around that’s taken to identifying celebs real names and not even K-Pop stars are immune!


1. BTS’s V

Because everyone knows it’s not Taehyung, it’s Tae Tae!


2. SHINee’s Minho

Well, dibidibidis this! Minho’s full name is sheer perfection!


3. EXO’s Xiumin

That’s Xiu-kitty to you!


4. TWICE’s Dahyun

When your nickname is no longer your nickname but your real name!


5. GOT7’s Youngjae

The cutest otter around. Also, can we just point out the recommended searches?


6. EXO’s Lay

Yep, we can totally believe that’s his real name!


7. TWICE’s Jihyo

Besides her obvious beauty, we guess there’s another reason why fans call her this because it’s her real name!


8. EXO’s names, according to Google voice search

Of course, if you throw the members names into a voice search you’d come back with these!


9. BTS’s J-Hope’s name found by fans

Guess Jihyo isn’t the only one with that name.


10. BTS’s Jungkook’s name according to Charlie Puth

We all remember this right? Yep, still pretty great!


11. BTS RM’s real name according to FOX

FOX later realized their mistake and apologized for it but we can’t help but ROFL over the super obvious problem!


Bonus: The real name of a new K-Pop star

We can’t help but love the sassy reply to one Twitter user’s thoughts on this “K-Pop” star.