10 Men Of K-Pop Who Are SO Attractive It Pisses Fans Off

They’ll drive you wild with their visuals.

Tumblr user berserkerjewel made the absolutely hilarious post asking people to tag the K-Pop man they think is so attractive that it pisses them off a little bit. Honestly, can’t we all relate to that, at least a little?


Below are 10 of the men of K-Pop who drive fans wild with their good looks… According to the fans themselves!

1. Jun (A.C.E)

2. Youngbin (SF9)

3. Doyoung (NCT 127)

4. Jaehyun (NCT 127)

5. Kai (EXO)

6. Wonho

7. RM (BTS)

8. Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

9. Xiao Jun (WayV)

10. JB (GOT7)

There were quite a few reblogs on the post, so you’ll have to go through the tags yourself if you’re interested in knowing who else is maddeningly handsome. 😉